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7 Amazing things you need to know about The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book by Disney is one of those incredible movies of all time that require little introduction. The Oscar Winner has often been touted as a VFX masterpiece with each of its shots having been created with utmost intricacy and attention to detail. Here are a few amazing facts about the legendary special effects of the movie that left the audience spellbound with its sheer innovation and remarkable creativity.

Still from the making of The Jungle Book

Still from the making of The Jungle Book

·         In order to create the effect of live action photography, each and every scene of the film was shot using a blue screen.

·         For lending a realistic stance and movement to all the animated animals in the movie, a special rig called Favreauator was designed that manipulated the muscles in their body.

·         A simple iPano App was incorporated by the visual artists for matching the physical environment of the movie set to the virtual environment.

·         A sprawling 31 square km of forest environment was developed by employing the use of over five hundred variants of trees, plants and other elements required to create the jungle effect.

Still from the making of The Jungle Book

Still from the making of The Jungle Book

·         In order to help the main character of Mowgli played by Neel Sethi enact the emotional responses for his conversations with the animals, Jim Henson Puppeteers were extensively employed on the set.

·         The animation artists took the help of the viral video called ‘Ultimate Dog Tease’ for inspiration to emulate more realistic actions and emotions for the animals.

·         A lot of research including Youtube videos, nature documentaries and literature on animal anatomy was used to create over 224 realistic species of animals on screen.