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An informative spotlight on Green Screen

There are several elements that play a key role in bringing special effects to life in a movie, ad or TV show. One of the most important ones happens to be the green screen. A green screen or, in some cases, a blue screen is placed as the backdrop in chroma key videography or photography.

Green Screen

Green Screen

What this screen does is that it allows VFX artists to replace the background with a particular image or video in the post-production phase. The best example of green screen use can be seen during the weather forecast on the news.

You might think the weather forecaster is walking in front of a large digital screen that’s displaying weather-related images. Well, that’s not what happens. The weather forecaster is actually standing or moving in front of nothing but a big green screen.

The actual images are rendered on a digital computer. It all happens as part of a process called “chroma-keying”. Chroma-keying is the process of isolating a particular color within a digital image and then manipulating the image to make that color transparent. When this is done, the VFX specialists can replace the color with another image.

For instance, if you want to show Superman flying, you eliminate the green on the green screen and replace it with an image/video of the sky. This is, of course, done with the aid of specialized editing software.

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