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Introducing, some of the best VFX-Based Ads you should watch

Visual effects in an advertisement can really send home the message. Here are a few ads that live up to that example.

Small Mistakes

The ‘Small Mistakes’ advertisement made for the NZ Transport Agency is a brilliant and stunning one that really drives home the message of safe driving. Visual effects supervisor, Stuart White, and the agency, Fin, used slow-motion, freezing, the right camera angles, and some CGI trickery to create a powerful ad.

Childlike Imagination

This ad for GE transitions from one innovation to another; innovations that GE is recognized for. However, the novelty of the advertisement lies in showing these transitions as part of a child’s dream about the work her mother does at GE.

In order to establish the dream-like element, VFX specialists came up with some stunning visuals for the ad. You have shots under the moonlight to aircraft engines showing up in the desert and airplanes growing actual bird-like wings.

Add Power to Your Life

In the “Add Power to Your Life” ad for Vodafone, we witness a carnival of 3D visual effects. The ad was directed by Radical Media’s Sebastian Strasser and it took about six days to shoot the whole thing. Locations included Romania, Denmark, Czech Republic, and Germany.

The ad was mostly shot using handheld cameras. The firm, Time Based Arts, captured and composited natural movements to create some magical results. The ad effortlessly combines the best of live action with CGI.