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TV: The New Domain for VFX

Game of Thrones Intro Still

There was once a time when VFX was solely limited to the big screen. However, thanks to changes in technology and the drop in costs, visual effects have been gradually making inroads into the world of TV entertainment as well. Shows such as Game of Thrones have been raising expectations among viewers, which has led to a growth in expectations among viewers for better TV content. According to Bob Munroe, VFX supervisor for The Expanse, a sci-fi TV show on Syfy, VFX helps bring in audiences. He adds that audiences are more sophisticated than ever and naturally, their tastes have evolved as a result. For instance, VFX isn’t just about mind-blowing effects today. Audiences want to see realism along with their visual effects.

Man in the High Castle

For instance, Munroe says, sticking to the laws of physics when creating such effects is a new challenge that he and his team need to battle on a daily basis. A similar situation is seen with Amazon production “Man in the High Castle”.  The show’s VFX supervisor, Lawson Deming had to carry out intense research to get several historical aspects right. For example, he had to actually go through Hitler’s old building plans to make sure there weren’t any inaccuracies in the onscreen reproduction. Barring realism, audiences also expect effects that are fresh. John Ross, VFX Supervisor for Marvel’s Legion, worked in ideas that would be very different to the usual “powers coming from the hand” effect. The point here is that audiences want more and it won’t be too long before the trend seeps into other areas of content production. Soon, it could be advertisements. Who knows?