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Testimonial 1

“FXiation Digitals are very professional with a real strong work ethic and an abundance of talent. I would recommend them to anyone seeking a reliable partner for their VFX needs. I’ve worked with many outsource companies and FXiation Digitals are the ones that really stood out. Thanks for making our lives so much easier on a really tough project! We will be returning to you guys soon. :)”

- VFX Supervisor based in New York, USA

Testimonial 2

“We couldn't have hoped for a better VFX partner than FXiation Digitals. The quality of their output, fast turnaround, and ability to scale to our budget without sacrificing production value, FXiation Digitals provided an exceptional level of service. Thank you so much to the entire FXiation Digitals team for bringing their talents, flexibility, and vision to this project. We cannot wait for the next opportunity to work with them again.”

- Executive Producer based in Montreal, Canada

Testimonial 3

“FXiation Digitals has been a great discovery for us. Their professionalism, can do attitude and consistency in high standards has kept us coming back to them repeatedly over the months. While we could find some good VFX studios, a high quality of expertise for each project was rare to find. Luckily, Sourav and his team filled that gap for us.”

- Creative Director based in Los Angeles, USA