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FXiation Digitals is a world-class VFX service provider for filmmakers across the globe. We highly believe that beautiful VFX content, which can power magnificent ideas, should be accessible to all.

And how is that done?

Superior understanding of the VFX pipeline and applications of proper techniques are the keys for us to being absolutely economical. So practical experience gained over the years are valued immensely. And it is hard-wired into every stage of the execution.

What motivated us to form FXiation Digitals?

It would simply be our love for what we do. At the core, we are artists who are absolutely passionate about creating beautiful motion picture art which not only compliments the storytelling but also stands out on its own.

What makes FXiation Digitals truly different?

At FXiation Digitals, our primary objective is to provide the most outstanding VFX services along with exceptional customer service.

We value every work that comes our way, however, we love to nurture relationships even more. To achieve that we strive to be perceptive, accessible, creative and meticulous on each project. Don't take our word for it. See for yourself.

Why choose us?

Apart from having great technical knowledge and aesthetic eye for detail, we are also capable of swift turnaround. No matter what kind schedule you have, we are capable of assisting you with amazing VFX work and let you to focus more on the creative aspects.

Also, being a highly passionate team we generally let our work speak for ourselves. Rather than "under promise and over deliver" to make our clients happy, we prefer to be realistic, transparent and put in best of our efforts to make our clients happy.